Top 10 Most Common Powers in Shounen Anime

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”imdb” url=”” ] Shounen anime is synonymous with superpowers. After all, while not all of them use superpowers, the overwhelming majority of action-shounen anime utilize some form of superpowers. Different titles may have different ways of showingcasing the powers, such as magic, technology, chakra, cursed energy, etc. That being … Read more

Stuttgart Wraps Hybrid 2022 Edition, ‘Bestia’ Takes Top Honors

Due to Corona and the war in Ukraine, we had more difficult conditions for the festival this year than ever before! It was therefore all the more gratifying that we were not only able to register a record number of entries (approx. 2,100 submissions), but also to offer an intensive program that dealt with the … Read more

JLA/AVENGERS and SOMETHING IS KILLING… top Diamond’s March orders

[*] Diamond Comics has just released its sales charts for March, representing orders from direct sales comics shops. James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera’s Something Is Killing the Children #21 was the best selling comics periodical – kicking off a new storyline in the popular series. The Hero Initiative edition of the Kurt Busiek/George Perez … Read more

Top 10 Anime Characters Stronger Than One Punch Man

Saitama, more popularly known as One-Punch Man, is the protagonist of the manga and anime of the same name. Created by Manga artist ONE, Saitama is a parody character made in the image of powerful and typical anime characters. Whenever you watch an anime, the typical story progresses with the protagonist trying to become more … Read more

Top 5 Action Anime of 2021

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”” url=”” ] Action anime is pretty easy to define, usually focusing on intense, massive storylines. A major portion of them is the fighting. If there’s a focus on scenes of heavy fighting and crazy-high action, you’ve got an action anime on your hands! This list’s selections focused on … Read more