Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson talk JUSTICE WARRIORS

Imagine a world where the rich and powerful live in their own little world, where the poor and underprivileged are ignored and abandoned, and where the police aren’t much better than the criminals they’re tasked with protecting the populace from. The world of Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson‘s Justice Warriorsthe pair’s forthcoming series from AHOY … Read more

Let’s Talk About Kingdom Hearts – This Week in Games

Hi folks. Boy, uh… pretty big announcement this weekend, huh? But before we get into that, I want to touch on something very briefly: there’s some controversy going down among fans of the Tohou Project about recent requests to remove downloads of the original games in the series. I definitely want to write more about … Read more

Let’s talk about Hanashi Media

In yet another testament to the popularity of Japanese manga and light novels, a new publisher is entering the scene! Hanashi Media’s Introduction In July 2021, social media pages were registered for a Hanashi Media. Later in October, light novel readers discovered a website appearing to be connected to the unknown company. On the bare-bones … Read more