Connor Hawke and the Green Arrow Legacy

Green Arrow has always been a hero inspired by the ideals of Robin Hood. The elements of bowmanship and swashbuckling adventure have been inherent to Green Arrow’s character since the 1940s, but it was Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams who brought Robin Hood’s social awareness to Oliver Queen in the 1970s. In Green Lantern/Green Arrow, … Read more

Sack, MacKinnon, S.Adams, Whiting, Green The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Alternative comics Update: Sack, MacKinnon, S.Adams, Whiting, Green A Sack Full of Wit © Journal Gazette/Steve Sack When Steve Sack, the editorial cartoonist for The Minneapolis Star Tribune, announced his retirement last week, his fans in the Twin Cities thanked him for four decades of great work. But readers of … Read more