Orange Presents: Studio Panel – Anime Expo 2022

After showing everything they had available at the Trigun Stampede panel, Orange mentioned upfront that they had no announcements. Yoshihiro Watanabethe host of the panel, transparently prefaced the introduction to make the audience aware that the panel is just to learn more about Orange as a studio. Starting with a brief introduction with the panelists, … Read more

Ranking of Kings Panel – Anime Expo 2022

Crunchyroll’s Ranking of Kings panel got the crowd emotional by opening with the series’ second opening sequence set to Vaundy‘s “Naked Hero” before welcoming series director Yousuke Hatta and animation producer Maiko Okada. The Q&A was led by Crunchyroll senior brand manager Chris Han and discussed everything from the staff’s inspiration to which characters’ stories … Read more

Trigun Stampede Lock ‘n Load Panel – Anime Expo 2022

After nearly 12 years since Trigun: Badlands Rumble and double that for the 1998 TV anime series, Studio Orange surprised the world with an announcement for TRIGUN STAMPEDE two weeks before Anime Expo. Featuring Yasuhiro Nightow (creator), Kouji Tajima (character concept and concept design artist), Kiyotaka Waki (producer), and Katsuhiro Takei (producer), the panelists had … Read more

Trigger 10 Year Anniversary & Announcement Panel – Anime Expo 2022

Let’s get the biggest part out in the open. Yes, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is coming back. Trigger officially announced the sequel, although we don’t know what form it will take, as their close out mic drop to a packed room in the Main Events hall. More Panty & Stocking has been a long-coveted … Read more

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Panel – Anime Expo 2022

The Disney Twisted-Wonderland panel was greeted with a packed room of cheering fans, who could barely contain their excitement from start to finish. The panel was hosted by Aniplex Senior Marketing Specialist Lauren Jeongwho hiped up the crowd by asking everyone to cheer for their favorite characters. Disney Twisted-Wonderland is a mobile game created by … Read more

Studio TRIGGER Live Drawing and Q&A panel – Anime Expo 2022

Things were a little different this year for Trigger‘s live drawing panel. Shigeto Koyama, Yoh Yoshinariand Hiromi Wakabayashi still brought their usual off-the-cuff energy and untucked energy, but the crowd was less…intense. In years past, a Trigger panel meant full ballroom seating, Trigger bucks tossed to the crowd (discontinued this year thanks to weakened yen, … Read more

Crunchyroll Is Going Big at Upcoming Anime Expo Extravaganza!

[sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” bookwalker_id=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”” url=”” ] Hosted Panels and Premieres Includes SPY x FAMILY, JUJUTSU KAISEN, My Hero Academia, Ranking of Kings, Chainsaw Man, BLUELOCK, and More! [en]What You Need to Know: [/en][es]Lo que necesitas saber: [/es] Crunchyroll, the global leader in bringing the ultimate anime experience to fans in over 200 countries … Read more