Stuttgart Wraps Hybrid 2022 Edition, ‘Bestia’ Takes Top Honors

Due to Corona and the war in Ukraine, we had more difficult conditions for the festival this year than ever before! It was therefore all the more gratifying that we were not only able to register a record number of entries (approx. 2,100 submissions), but also to offer an intensive program that dealt with the … Read more

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition – Game Review

The best way to approach Chrono Cross is to forget that it’s a sequel to Chrono Trigger. It isof course, but Chrono Trigger—an inventive, marvelously crafted time-travel romp that’s tied with Earthbound As the most beloved RPG in history—is a hard act to follow. Saddled with that sort of legacy, Chrono Cross earned a divisive … Read more