Mother’s Day and our Freedom of Dissembly The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic history CSotD: Mother’s Day and our Freedom of Dissembly Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother’s love is not.Your mother brings you into the world, carries you first in her body. What do weknow about what she feels? But whatever she feels, it, at least, … Read more

STRANGE NEW WORLDS & The Day the Earth Stood Still

Warning: The first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds“Strange New Worlds,” has been released for streaming on Paramount+ today, and this article includes spoilers… as well as spoilers for TDTESS! Photo Cr: James Dimmock/Paramount+ ©2022 ViacomCBS. All Rights Reserved. In the opening scenes of SNWCaptain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) is seen watching The Day … Read more