THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE DARK SIDE OF PURITY, and 3 more campaigns we love

Welcome to this installment of The Beat‘s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! We’ve got five diverse Kickstarter projects, from an all-women and nonbinary anti-patriarchy anthology about purity to a children’s picture book that combats the negativity of the messaging of anti-gay legislation. Check it out! The Dark Side of Purity Creators: Heather Vaughan (cover artist), Rio Burton, … Read more

Frank Miller and Emma Kubert team for Pandora, a dark fairy tale

Pandora color art by Emma Kubert Frank Miller is back and he’s presenting things….and making comics again. His recently announced independent imprint Frank Miller Presents plans to roll out four series over the next 12 months. Some will return to Miller’s most famous creations – a sequel to Ronin with art by Philip Tan and … Read more