INTERVIEW: Chris Anderson and David Accampo chat SPECTRAL: A SHOWCASE OF FEAR

Lost Angels co-creators Chris Anderson and David Accampo recently launched their latest Kickstarter campaign, Spectral: A Showcase of Fear. Back in 2017, Anderson and Accampo embarked on their first “horror one-shot,” DevilSkin. Quickly, the creators’ self-published horror series took off and expanded into six short stories that will be reprinted in this volume, but with … Read more

Chris Sanders And Dean DeBlois Video Interview

Origins of an Alien All the way back in the 1980s, Chris Sanders first created the original concept of the Stitch character. DeBlois explains that the initial idea was, “a creature with unknown origin that lived in some great northern forest and was ostracized by the forest community.” When the duo later pitched the idea … Read more