Episode 7 – Ya Boy Kongming!

A key component of Hey Boy Kongming! we’ve just had to get used to at this point is the proppensity for the titular tactician to not fully let his lieges in on what his plans entail. The same reasoning he had for this with Eiko previously persists in this episode, and we find now applies … Read more

Episode 5 – Ya Boy Kongming!

So the trust issues between Kongming and Eiko seem to have been mostly resolved by their commitment to each other in last week’s episode. This one opens with Eiko noting that she understands Kongming’s regular excursions must be in service of working for her sake, in this particular case, to find that rapper he insists … Read more

Episode 4 – Ya Boy Kongming!

Main characters of this thing that they are, a key element of Hey Boy Kongming! As it continues, it should be developing the relationship between Kongming and Eiko. Their meeting and connection to set up the basic gimmick of the show was kind of a funny little coincidence, strengthened by demonstrating the genuine effect Eiko’s … Read more

Episodes 1-3 – Ya Boy Kongming!

The first episode of Hey Boy Kongming! does an effective (and delightful) job of laying out its establishing premise: Three Kingdoms-era strategist Kongming finds himself reincarnated into modern-day Japan, where he winds up tending both a bar and the career of aspiring songstress Eiko. It’s fun, it’s funny, and perhaps surprisingly cute in its wholesome … Read more