5 Best Reverse Isekai Anime

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”VVCL-1033″ text=”” url=”” ] In the modern anime landscape, “isekai” is one of the most popular genres out there. As many of you know, these stories are about ordinary humans either being transported to or reincarnating into a completely different world (usually of the medieval fantasy variety). The parameters can … Read more

Top 10 Most Common Powers in Shounen Anime

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”imdb” url=”https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4508902/mediaviewer/rm3253854721/” ] Shounen anime is synonymous with superpowers. After all, while not all of them use superpowers, the overwhelming majority of action-shounen anime utilize some form of superpowers. Different titles may have different ways of showingcasing the powers, such as magic, technology, chakra, cursed energy, etc. That being … Read more

5 Most Memorable Sacrifices in Anime

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”imdb” url=”https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1170664/mediaviewer/rm475858688/” ] Shounen anime are known for their easy-going nature and fast-paced action sequences. From the fight between Goku vs Frieza to the first time Ichigo released his Bankai, there are so many iconic moments in anime that will forever live in our minds. However, there are also … Read more

The Anime Staff and Creator of Requiem of the Rose King

Inspired by Shakespeare plays, Requiem of the Rose King He tells an intriguing story about the tortured life of Richard III. In Aya Kanno‘s inventive telling, Richard struggles with his love and gender within the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses. ANN spoke to manga creator Kanno, director Kentarō Suzukiand series composition writer Hiroki … Read more

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Is Now 7th Biggest Anime Film of All Time Worldwide – News

The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 anime film is still out of the top 10 at the weekend box office in Japan, but it earned 22,011,400 yen (about US$169,300) from Friday to Sunday and has earned a total of 13,547,869,790 yen (about US$104 million). The Numbers website lists the film with a worldwide box office total of … Read more