Toyotaro Talks About Akira Toriyama’s Involvement In Dragon Ball Super

Recently the Anime News Network Interviewed Toyotaro. Toyotaro is the Manga artist of Dragon Ball Super and details the story based on Akira Toriyama’s outlines. He attended the New York Comic-Con this month and gave an interview to Anime News Network. We got some really important information regarding how he works with Toriyama and his … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 – Start of the Universal Survival Arc

With Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 the classic Dragon Ball Z animation style/ art style returns. I can’t help but note the change in animation style, and it looks f**kin amazing. If you don’t see the difference, you are bad, and you should feel bad. I will talk more about the animation style later in … Read more

Android 17’s Power Explained-Akira Toriyama Confirms 17 Has Enormous Potential

Akira Toriyama has Big Plans for Android 17. He said that 17 has enormous potential, as revealed by the producer of Dragon Ball Super in a recent interview. Super is pushing him so much that they even released a special teaser trailer on the return of 17 before Episode 86. We will come back to … Read more

Darling In The Franxx – Review

Darling of the Franxx Poster DARLING in the FRANXX is a 2018 science fiction/mecha anime co-produced by Studio TRIGGER and A-1 Pictures. It is a Mecha and Science Fiction genre anime with rom-com mixed to it. Plot In a post-apocalyptic future, young pilots fight against giant monsters known as Klaxosaurs using giant feminine robots known … Read more