Settling the Score: Hashikko Ensemble, Final Chapter

48 chapters later, friends compete for the first time in this conclusion to Hashikko Ensemble. Summary It’s shortly after the start of the new school year at Hashimoto Tech, and all the clubs are presenting to recruit first-years. While the freshmen predictably look a little too rough-and-tumble to sing chorus/glee-style, Jin declares his confidence that … Read more

Tenerife Grows As An International Animation Production Hub

Animation is booming as never before in Spain’s Canary Island of extraordinary Tenerife, boosted by tax incentives. Arguably, no other site in Europe is currently transforming so quickly into an international animation production hub. In this story, we’ll take a closer look at the rapid development of the animation industry on the island. 2021 was … Read more

Yakuza Reincarnation Vol. 1 [Manga Review]

A Cute Yakuza Princess in a Fantasy World Mangaka : Natsuhara, Takeshi (Story); Miyashita, Hiroki (Art) Publisher : Seven Seas Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen Published : March 2022 Despite so many variations throughout the years, the popularity of isekai stories hasn’t gone down yet. On the contrary, the hype behind this genre is … Read more

Stupidity Saturday The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic strips CSotD: Stupidity Saturday Our comment feature appears to be broken beyond repair, at least for our current platform, which inspires (finally!) a redesign, which will take a while. In the meantime, we hope you’ll give us feedback on the social media where we announce our new postings. (Illo by Henry … Read more

Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights January 2022

This month’s tweet highlights for Kio Shimoku are a little different: I’m doing them in chronological order rather than grouping them by subject. Tell me what you think! January is also the month that Hashikko Ensemble ended. Check out my review! 吾輩は今から風呂に入りそしてビールを飲むのである。それくらいは許されるのである。明日は飲めないのであるからして許されるべきなのである。 — 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル (@kioshimoku1) December 30, 2021 上がったのだ。あったまったのだ汗いっぱいかいたのださぁ飲むのだどうでしょうDVD第14弾Disc2を観ながら飲むのだ3夜分だからちょうどいいのだ観て寝るのだ。 — 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル (@kioshimoku1) December 30, 2021 … Read more

ASK…THE QUESTION: Where Did Martha Wayne’s Falling Pearls Come From?

Hello, once again! Alex Jaffe here, better known in the DC Community as HubCityQuestion. My personal mission: to take on any question you have about the DC Universe—no matter how strange, granular, or obscure—and satisfy your curiosity. As a faithful steward of the truth, I offer my time in this monthly column to address these … Read more