Of Tomb Raiders and NFTs: The Embracer-Square Enix Deal

A few months back, Dark Horse revealed it had been purchased by a company called Embracer Group. Embracer Group is a rather large conglomerate, as even on the day Embracer announced its acquisition of Dark Horse, it was just one of five new companies being added to Embracer’s catalog. Now, Embracer continues to buy up … Read more

INTERVIEW: Writer Samuel Sattin Talks Reinventing Tezuka’s UNICO, Fan-Funding, and Honoring the God of Manga

If you’ve follow manga long enough, you’ll certainly know about Osamu Tezuka, his impact on the industry, and the numerous creations he’s made, some of which influence the current generation of artists today. For one of his creations, however, one writer, then an artist team, and then a number of talented creators are aiming to … Read more

Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights April 2022

Kio’s tweets this month feature lots of his preliminary sketches for Hashikko Ensemble! It’s worth a look if you want to see how the characters began. 最終8巻表紙はキャラクターを個別に描いてますので、紹介。木村と藤吉。 pic.twitter.com/pGOyfSRCsx — 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル最終巻3/23発売 (@kioshimoku1) March 31, 2022 All the drawings used for the cover of Hashikko EnsembleVolume 8! ハットリくんがとなりの家に引っ越してきて、忍者屋敷に改造してしまう話が超絶好きでした。 — 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル最終巻3/23発売 (@kioshimoku1) April 7, 2022 Kio comments on … Read more